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About us: What is Polarworld?
27.01.2011 von polarworld


Polarworld is a registered association that accomplishes projects of many different kinds over and about the earth’s polar areas, the Arctic in the north and the Antarctic in the south. For our non-profit work education, youth work and school projects, nature and environmental protection as well as science and research are at the core of our activities. We have our headquarters in Berlin. Members of nine nations support us.

Only a well-informed generation has the capacity for solutions to questions and problems of their age, such as climate change, energy questions and world hunger. The goal of Polarworld is to sensitize young people into acting considerately in relation to the environment, nature and resources, to prepare them for their working life and to support young scientists, like a workshop for the future based on both polar areas. Therefore, the polar areas are ideally suited for an unlimited variety of subjects to study. They play a key role in the climatic balance of the earth and inspire and fascinate all age groups, cultures and both sexes with their species such as polar bears, penguins, whales and the perma-ice with the old explorers.

With a mixture of information, entertainment and activities we are achieving our goals. “Information” is lectures, exhibitions, school projects, publications - and one day our web page as a data base to be used as a signpost, guide and counsellor. For “entertainment” we will serve up stage works, films and event evenings – and one day we will build up a Viking village and the POLARIUM, a theme park about polar areas. For “activities” we have our own polar expeditions, exchange programmes and class trips - class trips on our doorsteps in Germany, for example research into the Mudflats of the North Sea and outdoor adventure education, or dogs sled journeys in Greenland, where the children and the young people spend the nights under winter Northern Lights in hand-made igloos and from this experience of the Eskimos they can learn about the old traditions.

Polarworld is looking forward from the past into tomorrow with the attention of exciting project topics, too, for instance, “Scott and Amundsen - 100 years since race to the South Pole“ (2011) or “Berlin Airlift from Greenland: Berlin history with Arctic stories“ (2009) – where during the Soviet Blockade the people of the world looked towards West-Berlin. Today the people of the world look towards the perma-ice!

Follow us into the perma-ice! Be a part of Polarworld!

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