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Amundsen. (English)
13.11.2016 von Sven Vöge


– Norway’s reluctant hero. Maybe Amundsen is the greatest explorer of all times, but he is not the most popular one. Why? Amundsen was only a hero on the ice.
Who was Amundsen? Who was the man who discovered the hottest spots of mankind’s discoveries, desired by kingdoms and dreamed over centuries for – both Poles and the legendary passages, the Northwest and the Northeast Passage.

Amundsen - A man powered by prestige, national pride and personal ambitions to be the first human being who set their foot in unknown areas till then. He crossed the Northwest Passage first and fought for the conquest of the last white spot on the map - the South Pole, the farthest point for mankind had ever yet to reach - more than 1.000 kilometres of merciless cold and blizzards. With an airship, he was flying over the North Pole. The first man ever reached 90° North, the Top of the World. Later, he crossed successfully the Northeast Passage. Not as first, but one of the few who did so in early years. Amundsen: An amazing life, pure adventure and grateful success.

After Amundsen, what’s left?

Only the Moon!

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